The Best Resource for Nursing Students – Ace Nursing School

  • Nursing School is Hard!
    • Nursing is in a league of its own.
      • What other major requires you to be on your feet for 12 hours straight?
      • What other major requires you to work with deadly infectious diseases?
      • What other major requires you to make life-and-death decisions?
      • If that isn’t enough for you check out NurseTogether’s list of 22 Reasons Why It’s Difficult to Be a Nurse.

0001 Nursing Stress

  • We Make it Easier!
    • Ace Nursing School is here to give you the tips and tricks to thrive in school!
    • We aim to mentor you and provide you with the information that is necessary to succeed in your nursing program. Nursing is definitely one of the busiest majors. Our goal is to help you save time and work as efficiently as possible. We will do this by providing concise, informative content in the form of:
      • Articles
      • Lists
      • Pictures
      • Study Guides
      • Cheat Sheets
      • Practice Questions
      • Worksheets
      • eBooks
      • Video
      • Audio
    • By providing content on many different platforms we are able to cater to all types of learning.

0001 Books

  • What We Will Teach You
    • Content will cover the following:
      • How to get into nursing school
      • How to manage stress in nursing school
      • Each class (medical terminology, fundamentals, pharmacology, etc.)
      • “Cheat sheets” – small documents with a lot of organized, vital information
        • Check out our first cheat sheet to get a peek of what to expect! (A small piece of it is pictured below)
      • Tips and tricks to succeed in your clinical rotation
      • Tips and tricks to study effectively
      • NCLEX preparation
      • Looking for a job
      • Much, much more!

0001 Nursing Necessities Cheat Sheet Teaser

  • Why Are We Better Than The Rest?
    • All other resources are doing this to make money. Everything we offer is free!
    • All other resources include “fluff” and extra information so they can sell their products for more money. We keep the information as concise as possible, because when you’re in nursing school your time is more valuable than ever.
    • We don’t bug you with offers!
  • What Can You Expect From Us?
    • We will add at least one article of free content to the blog per day.
    • We will add at least one exclusive item per week to subscribers of our newsletter.

Have a great day!


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