Is Nursing for Me?

Complete Guide to Decide if Nursing Is For You!

Hello and welcome! In this mini-series we help you decide if nursing is the career for you. After all, you don’t want to commit the next few years and thousands of dollars to a profession that you don’t absolutely love, right?

This is the first series in our guide “Getting Into the Nursing School of Your Dreams.” In this series we teach you:

  1. What is Nursing?
    1. What Do Nurses Do?
    2. Where Do Nurses Work?
    3. How Much Money Do Nurses Make?
    4. What Hours Do Nurses Work?
    5. What is the Job Outlook in Nursing?
    6. What Types of Nursing Degrees Are Available?
  2. Requirements for Nursing School
    1. How Much Time It Takes to Earn Each Degree
    2. How Much Money Nursing School Costs
      1. How Anyone Can Afford Nursing School
    3. The Admissions Process
      1. Requirements to Be Considered
  3. Everything You Need to Know About The Different Types of Nursing Degrees
    1. Diploma
    2. LPN
    3. ADN
    4. BSN
    5. Graduate Degrees
      1. MSN
      2. PhD
      3. DNP

This may look like way too much information, but each article will be concise and to the point. Total reading time will be 15-20 minutes!

Free Nursing Cheat Sheets for Everyone!

You might not be in nursing school yet, but you can start receiving free cheat sheets now! All you have to do is join the Ace Nursing School Newsletter. Signup is free and only takes 30 seconds, and you will receive no more than 2 emails per week – guaranteed. These cheat sheets are great places to start studying as a prospective nursing student! Check out the sneak peek of the first cheat sheet below.

Nursing Necessities Cheat Sheet
Sneak peak of our Nursing Necessities Cheat Sheet.

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