The View Apologizes to Nurses and Miss Colorado…Or Do They?

The View Gives Hollow Apology to Nurses

On September 15, The View disgustingly mocked Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson (second runner up) for her monologue on her career as a nurse. Claiming that she was wearing a costume and a doctor’s stethoscope while reading her emails on stage. In reality, she was telling the story of a patient with Alzheimer’s who made her realize how rewarding nursing is.

You can view her beautiful monologue and The View’s abhorrent response in my last article The View Mocks Miss Colorado (Nurse Kelley Johnson) For Emotional Monologue About Alzheimer’s Patient.

On September 16, The View offered an apology. Or did they? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Like I said, decide for yourself. Here is my opinion.

The View has struggled for years, struggling to keep hosts and stay on air. The way they get people to watch is by stirring controversy and making headlines. I don’t think they expected this large of a response. Perhaps they didn’t know nursing is the largest profession in America. Obviously they didn’t know that, since they apparently didn’t know that nurses wear stethoscopes.

Michelle Collins starts out by saying they were talking about the talent show, not nurses. That’s an awesome argument, other than the fact that they publicly embarrassed a nurse (and the profession as a whole) on national television.

Michelle Collins, cohost of The View.

She then goes on to say she loves nurses and even says “clap for the nurses” and “you all deserve raises…give them more money…take my money.” Obviously a hollow compliment that anyone would say to any profession they offended.

Raven-Symone then says “You didn’t come for nurses, though. Did they hear the conversation? Did they know what you were talking about at all?” Wow. NURSES are the ones who don’t know what they are talking about? After the comment about a nurse wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope?” You mean to say that we because she misspoke (or at least claims she did) and we didn’t understand what she meant rather than what she said it is our fault?

Raven-Symone, cohost of The View

What if a doctor accidentally ordered KCL IV push. Would we be held accountable if we gave that drug the route he ordered? Would we be held accountable for doing what he said rather than what he meant? Oh wait…we would. Because we are trained to catch these mistakes. Okay…so that was a bad example. But you get my point.

Joy Behar then goes on to say that she wasn’t paying attention. She didn’t know she was a nurse. “I didn’t know what the hell I was talking about.” I have found it to be wise not to talk about something if I knew nothing about it. But I’m just a nurse.

Joy Behar, cohost of The View.

Michelle then continues to suck up to nurses, talking about how funny and comical they are.

Whoopi Goldberg then goes on and continues to blame nurses for misunderstanding the cohosts “You have to pay attention. You have to look at folks and say ‘Is that what she said or was she just making a joke?'” Again I hear “It is our fault you didn’t understand us when we ‘misspoke.'”

Whoopi Goldberg, cohost of The View.

I don’t believe nurses need an apology. I think we deserve one, but we don’t need one. Especially one this hollow. Unfortunately you can never take back what you have said. I would think talk show hosts would know this more than anyone, especially since these ladies are notorious for making absurd comments that come back to bite them. I think my biggest problem is the fact that millions of people actually listen to them. They’re able to get away with talking about topics they have no clue about.

As a nurse, naturally the first thing that comes to mind is education. Although The View might not know it, we educate our patients daily to fix what they are doing wrong. I believe the cohosts of the view honestly just don’t know any better. They need to be educated on what nursing really is. I want to see a show of them working alongside nurses for just one shift. One of them running around nonstop with a nurse in the emergency room. One making life-altering decisions with a nurse in the intensive care unit. One on a dangerous flight in a helicopter with a flight nurse, while saving the life a critically injured patient. And one with a hospice nurse as she makes the last moments of a patients life pain free and full of dignity. Maybe then they will understand why nurses wear costumes. Maybe then they will understand why nurses use “doctor’s stethoscopes.” Maybe then they’ll understand why nursing is my talent.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Also feel free to follow my blog on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for nursing news and education!

Bonus! Michelle Collins’ Deleted Tweets About Nurses

deleted tweet

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