What Exactly Do Nurses Do?

How Do I Know if Nursing is for Me?

Hello and welcome to Part 1 of our “Can I Be a Nurse?” series, the first part to our guide of helping you get into the nursing school of your dreams!

In this series we talk about the profession of nursing in general. We tell you everything you need to know before deciding if nursing is the profession for you!

Do nurses prescribe medications? Are nurses doctor’s assistants? What do nurses DO?!

What Nurses Don’t Do

Nursing is a profession that has expanded drastically in the past few decades. Movies and television shows are notorious for misportraying nurses as sexy, submissive people with little-to-no medical training that just take temperatures and give snacks to patients. Only one part of this is true – we are sexy! All kidding aside, these portrayals are not accurate. If you go into nursing school thinking that you’ll come out with a glamorous job, that isn’t true.

What Nurses Actually Do

  • Assess patients for baseline data and changes from baseline data
  • Create nursing diagnoses for each patient
  • Plan interventions to ensure patients have the best possible outcomes
  • Implement these interventions
  • Evaluate, analyze, and alter these interventions as needed
  • Help doctors during exams and surgeries
  • Dress wounds and incisions
  • Teach patients about self-care and healthy habits
  • Lab work
  • Review patient treatment plans and measure progress
  • Promote good health
  • Administer medications
  • Interpret patient information and make critical decisions about needed actions
  • Coordinate patient care with other health care professions
  • Direct and supervise care delegated to unlicensed assistant personnel
  • Conduct research
  • Much more – depending on specific setting, experience, and degree

What you can do with a nursing degree is virtually limitless. For example, some nurses work as writers for medical shows and movies. Some work in forensics. Some work in law. Some are educators. The thought that nurses are stuck in a hospital is untrue.

Next: Where Do Nurses Work?

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