The View Mocks Miss Colorado (Nurse) For Emotional Monologue About Alzheimer’s Patient [Video]

Miss Colorado Made Fun of For Emotional Story About Nursing

On Tuesday, September 15, popular talk show The View had a segment on the recent Miss America competition. In this segment, they proceeded to laugh at Miss Colorado, a nurse who decided to give a monologue about how rewarding it is to be a nurse.

In her monologue she talked about a patient that stood out and reminded her why she became a nurse. She discusses the struggles he had with Alzheimer’s and the struggles she had a nurse, and she told him that he isn’t “just” Alzheimer’s. He responded with then you’re not “just” a nurse, you’re my nurse.

Miss Colorado had the courage to tell a personal, emotional story on live television in front of millions of people. The View had the foolishness to make fun of her for it. They said she came out wearing a costume and a “doctor’s stethoscope” just to read her emails to the crowd.

Until you’ve worked as a nurse (or at least been close to a nurse) you have no idea how taxing the job can be mentally, physically, and emotionally. I’m sure it’s much different than sitting in a chair for an hour talking with your friends on TV.

I encourage nurses and supporters of nurses to boycott the show. Many nurses are sending The View and ABC Network selfies of them in their scrubs and stethoscopes. Share the message that #NursesMatter. Maybe we will see what “just a nurse” can really do.

Comment with your thoughts below.

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30 thoughts on “The View Mocks Miss Colorado (Nurse) For Emotional Monologue About Alzheimer’s Patient [Video]

  1. And this is what I THINK…
    There are some things that should NOT be mocked. I am not a Nurse BUT I am married to one, have worked with many and have several family and friends who are. I see and hear what they do and GOD BLESS them for it.

    It takes a Strong and Passionate person to be a Nurse. As much as the profession is so unappreciated and mocked apparently… just think about this for a minute; Can you imagine trying to keep a smile on your face when you come home after a 12-HOUR shift and try to forget the day/night of the patient that just DIED or the patient you just SAVED? Not to mention the amount of RISKS involved ranging from contagious diseases to physically violent people.

    It’s so incredibly ignorant for ANYONE to mock the work of someone else when you have NO idea what they do! How stupid can you be to sit there and mock a profession that saves lives??

    Go stand in the corner and observe the ER and ICU for a night and then tell me what jokes you have left after you wipe away the tears from your eyes.

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  2. I will NEVER watch this show. The ignorance in this commentary astounded me. 1) it is not a costume 2) she spoke from the heart on just one portion of her job 3) it’s a stethoscope, not a doctor stethoscope. Nurses have to use them every day!
    The View came across as totally ignorant. You just sit there & talk & call it a profession. Motivational & informational speaking is a talent especially back up by a degree & experience.
    Talents come in many ways & forms. So glad Miss Colorado ahowed is this

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    • I personally do not watch this program as I think that the women on the show are just plain rude towards each other, always talking over one another. I did watch this, and as usual, they made fools of themselves. Hooray for this contestant , she showed her heart, I’d vote for her any day.


  3. Dear Ladies of The View, particularly Joy Behar:

    This is profession that I’m very passionate about as well as other nurses. And for you to mock such rewarding profession where we expect NO thanks for the job we do is still just disgusting. I mean I still can’t wrap my head around your comments. I bet you get to spend EVERY weekend and EVERY holiday with your family.. Well Mrs Behar since you seem to know so much with your ignorant comments and I’m still trying to figure out why ABC let you come back to this show but hey, I guess you can’t kill what’s already dead, let me just enlighten you about nurses. We NURSES spend weekends and holidays away from our families, we miss our children’s programs, dance recitals, church, family dinners, etc to take care of strangers and their loved ones and wouldn’t trade ANY of that for one second! That “costume” as you called it gets blood, sweet, tears, feces, urine, vomit, etc all over it. We spend those weekends holding dying babies when the parents aren’t there to hold their dying baby as they take their last breath, well because they live 2 hours away and they’re not going to get there in time to do it, we hold a dying patients hand while they take they’re last breath, we hold families hands and hold families as they watch their love one take their last breath or when their family member just got the news of cancer or when they welcome a new healthy baby in the world. Our feet and legs ache during our shift, we hold our pee because we are helping an elderly man eat his food or listen to a patients fears and answer their questions, help them to the bathroom all the while we need to go our selves. There are many days we don’t get to eat lunch bc we are coding a patient or taking a fresh admit or taking patients down for test. And we do it because we want to and are called to do it and NOT once do we expect thanks doing it bc we love what we do!

    And I can assure you that “doctors stethoscope” as you call it is used way more by a NURSE than any doctor you see in the hospital. That doctors stethoscope gives me clue to changes that may happen on my 12 plus hour shift to notify the doctor bc let’s face it you’ll only see him for 5 min or less but bc we are at the ones at the patients bedside for 12 hours we notice those changes that are life saving….not them. The doctors at the ones hunting us down to get an update on the patient before they go in the room to give the family or patient and update. We NURSES are the ones that save the doctors butt. We are the heart and soul of any hospital, dr office, etc. I just hope you do have a heart and will publicly apologize to EVERY NURSE out there that wears a “costume” and doctors stethoscope.”

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    • I agree. I am a nurse and I love my job. As nurses, we perform our job day in and day out to touch lives. We do not ask for anything in return. Even though these women have slammed our profession, if they are ever in medical need, we would still save their lives. Hopefully they will remember that if that time ever comes.


  4. How dare you make fun of a hard working nurse! My dad was in an accident and spent three weeks in the hospital. The nurses not only took care of him, but also the rest of us. When there was no hope and we knew he was dying they kept treating him as if he would live. Cleaning him, shaving him, and talking to him. As we were leaving his room for the last time the nurses were there to offer their condolences. I thank God that dad had these angels of mercy in his final hours. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

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  5. Michelle Collins and Joy Behar both should be fired for slander and also required to do many volunteer hours while shadowing nurses who help people who suffer from Alzheimer’s. What a disgrace. Shame on them. I’ve never watched this show, but will repost on behalf of all patients, families, and medical staff so that more people will boycott “The View”

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  6. I did not see this show beyond the clip above, but I have heard about it. . .The comments of those on the View as I heard about them were clearly & sadly without an understanding of the Nursing role. I often go back to interviews with would be nursing students. . .My two questions: So Why do you want to be a nurse? What identifies a nurse as a nurse. . .The conversations that ensued were telling and amazing beginning of that student’s nurrsing education. Good Nurses are passionate about their professional ability and work harder to maintain information and skills (and yes the stethoscope is an important tool) than many individuals and it can be hard to define and exhibit the talent and devotion that consumes their time well beyond their scheduled work hours. The fuel & meaning they receive are patients and families who are somehow impacted along the path. . .This nurse shared what gave her meaning and her talent was that of making a patient(s) who had deficits and special needs feel cared for and important. She honored her profession in a very public forum that was surprised at this kind of talent. Her presentation was hers and if some felt it awkward, well I guess I would see it as awkward if I knew little about dance and someone started contorting on the floor. . .

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  7. Boycotts usually do not work. But what I suggest you do is send all of the comments I have read here directly to ABC’s Programming Department. Every letter they get about any show counts as 10,000 viewers from what I have read. I personally can put up with most of the co-hosts except when they mock and ridicule Christians which they do have a habit of doing. They were even called to task about doing it by one of their own, Paula Faris, who said she is a born again Christian. I’ve got news for her. Those other ladies willl chew her up and spit her out. Same goes for Candace Cameron Bure when she comes on. She too is a Christian and they pretty much ignore anything she says. And let me say, I did not like Michelle Collins from the very first time she sat in as co-host last season. I know she is a comedienne but she makes fun of EVERY subject they discuss and, while it is cute and even funny when she says things about some “hot topics”, there are some things they talk about that are very serious and she needs to keep her mouth SHUT. I used to love the show and I told myself I would give the new format a chance before I made any decision about whether or not to keep watching. But I won’t support a show that makes fun of and is intentionally mean to those people who speak out about their Christian faith. And why pick on nurses? As someone else said, when they are flat on their backs in the hospital, they will wish they had a nurse as caring as this young lady is.


  8. no respect for these ladies on the view. I can guarantee that nurses use stethocopes alot more than DRs do. Dont speak of something you obviously know nothing about!


    • Has Joy ever been in a hospital at all ! She appears to be well educated, but now I see her as dumb as dirt . The nurses will take good care of her if she ever needs any of us, but she will be given a very cold shoulder that is a given ! Please what does Whoopie think of all this, I wonder. I have been a nurse for over 35 years and that was the most hurtful thing I have ever heard anyone say about a nurse and I have heard some pretty nasty stuff ! J. w.not really


  9. The most dangerous factor in society is ignorance!
    The unrefined, ignorant, crude ladies of “The View” owes this HERO an apology!!!
    I’m sure there’ll be PLENTY of apologies when you’re wheeled into the ER, on a stretcher, and the only people you see working frantically around you, to help save YOUR life, are NURSES!!!!

    One PROUD RN and Nurse Practitioner Graduate Student


  10. I have never watched the view, but I have been a registered nurse for almost 30 years!Michelle Collins & Joy Behar need to do their homework before opening their mouths. Their ignorance regarding what they were watching was a disgrace! Many are calling it “mocking” of the nursing profession. I have always thought of the women on the view nothing more than bullies. Their behavior in this clip is promoting bullying. Bullying of Miss Colorado who shared what gave her meaning and her talent was making the vulnerable feel important, safe and in turn comforted. She honored our nursing profession in a very public forum. One would think that as people mature and progress through life, that they would stop behaviors of their youth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Sadly, adults can be bullies, just as Michelle & Joy were in this instance.


  11. Honestly, I have always thought this program was created with ignorant women for women who feel they have a right to judge others without proper social education.
    I may just send pictures to the producers, and ladies of “The View” showing myself and many beautiful women in the back of our Ambulances, wearing our SWAT boots, cargo pants or brush pants and navy blue t-shirts with our hair in buns, no jewelry or make-up.
    We are EMS. When these women call 9-1-1, we are the women who show up and save yours, your children, husbands, mothers… (You get the gist), lives. We do everything in our power to transport your loved ones to the correct facility seamlessly and we have our own stethoscope. In fact, we have entire stockrooms of those things called stethoscopes. We have airway supplies, we have monitors, gurneys. We have so much for you!
    We also have families, children of our own. We go home and eat dinner, if we’re lucky, with our kids. We sometimes have to miss sports practices, school functions, bedtimes, to insure Ambulances and Hospitals are appropriately staffed. These jobs aren’t a choice, they are a calling. As rewarding as these jobs are, they are gruelling.
    The educational opportunities are limitless. When I retire, I will be in a third world country, working in orphanages, helping to teach and offer medical services.
    These women on “The View” are not my heroes, they are everything I work hard not to be. Rude? I don’t care. My job is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Here’s an idea, producers, bring amazing female Fire Captains, female Police Detectives, female doctors onto the show. Show the world what true success looks like. Women who took down glass ceilings. Women who truly followed their dreams.
    What you will see are strong, physically and mentally, women who take no issue getting their hands dirty to save a complete stranger’s life. Women who do not brag, do not flinch. Women who can hold up the American flag, wearing big old black boots with pride and still be as feminine as most women.
    Show the world the sacrifices women make in the First Responder field and I guarantee you will show the world their children are loved, unspoiled, intelligent and well-natured. You will show the world enlightened women. And I promise you, we all look 20 years younger than we are. We do what we love and it spreads in our personal lives. These sacrifices don’t even appear as sacrifices to our loved ones, they appear as integrity and character. These are things your show lacks, entirely.
    God Bless Nurses and ALL hospital staff.
    God Bless First Responders.
    May Gid keep us and them ALL safe, wrapped with His warmth.


  12. Those individuals on the view should be ashamed of themselves. Next time you or your family member goes to a hospital and your nurse does not have a stethoscope because it’s for doctors so they are unable to hear heart abnormalities or lung problems you better hope the doctor does and you better hope that you don’t experience cardiac arrest or any other complications because it is the nurses job to assess the patient for any abnormalities and report them to the doctor. I am just amazed at how ignorant and idiotic people can be. Just because you are financially secure you have shown that you have no clue how the real world works and should get educated on real jobs where people do more then sit on their ass and judge others!!!


  13. My daughter worked her ass off to accomplish and fulfil her life choice and degree. Shamefully, ONE SHOULD NEVER UNDERMINE a nurse! They should be appreciated, not only for their long hours and commitment, but for giving their heart and soul for YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES! Not only is that dedication, it takes a kind and caring heart!


  14. This is blown way our of proportion and quite frankly petty as hell! No one is down grading nursing at all. Joy’s statement was not belittling to anyone but petty people that want to complain and be offended by every little thing they read or hear. Get a life for Christ sakes!


    • Tim the next time you or a family member need health care think about this comment. Especially if the loved one is in a critical condition. It sure as hell not going to be the doctor sitting with you and your loved one.


  15. As a CNA In the NY area I also find this very insulting. I work closely with many terrific nurses. I work with patients at the bedside and have been doing so for over 12 years. Many people have NO IDEA what nursing entails. I’ve watched patients get better and go home. I’ve seen patients die right in front of me and comfort their family members at one of the worst experiences they have had to endure. The View owes the nursing profession a huge apology. You are all so clueless about so many different topics that you discuss.


  16. I do not usually comment on these things but I felt compelled to respond to your idiocy. How dare you comment about this nurse’s monologue. You who’s job is basically to sit around and cackle with a bunch of friends around a table. Your jobs include pretending to be something you aren’t (acting), or telling “Jokes”(comedian). You are really making a difference in peoples lives everyday. For the record I am a nurse. Why do we wear “doctors” stethoscopes? When you are in the hospital for whatever illness it is guess who listens to you chest or you abdomen, the nurse. A stethoscope is the tool we use. Guess who looks at your labs first 99% of the time, the nurse. When your heart stops when you are in the hospital guess who is the first to find it and take action, the nurse. We have the ability to look at a patient and know that something is just “not right” and will address these things before they become a life threatening issue. . We are also at you or your family members bedside when the time comes to leave this world. We help comfort you and your family. There are those special nurses that work hospice and know what medications to ask for to make that time the least stressful as can be. It may shock you to know this but nurses are very familiar with disease processes, medications, lab values, and what to do with all of the information we obtain about you when we assess you. We work hand and hand with the doctors to help you get better or stay alive. We are the ones that communicate all the information we obtain to the doctor so they have all of the information about what goes on when they are not there to make decisions about how to provide you care. We work holidays, off shifts, and lose a lot of time with our families to help you or your family member get better. That is part of our job. We know this when we choose it as a career. I can go on about all of the things nurses do in a day to make you get through illness with the best possible outcome. You seem to look down on the profession of nursing. I am sure you probably won’t even see this. So you have a great day sitting around the table having coffee and talking about the days topics. This is something my grandmother or mother do when have lunch with friends yet somehow in this society it can be a job where you make millions of dollars doing it. Next time you get sick and go to the doctor or, god forbid, get admitted to the hospital do me a favor. Take note of who it is that is taking care of you most of the time. Who is the one that is answering your questions? Who is the one explaining to you what is happening or is going to be happening? Who is the one helping you get to a chair or the bathroom when it is to difficult or painful for you to do by yourself? Who is the one working with the medical team to co-ordinate the care you need and help you get the best possible outcome. I think you are going to find that you see your nurse most of the time. Sorry but we will still have to bring our “doctor’s stethoscope”. It helps us take care of you when you need it.


  17. Clearly just ignorant and arrogant comments. The show and network should be embarrassed. Maybe they should hire people with some intelligence.


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