What Every Future Nurse Needs To Know [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Future of Nursing – Ace Nursing School

The best part about nursing is having the chance to make a positive difference in people’s lives every single day. The second best part may be the job security. Along with the qualities a nurse must possess and coursework required, this infographic (created by Rasmussen College) shows where the future of nursing is headed. With the baby boomers retiring and the population of older adults growing, there is a shortage. This shortage means that nurses will have good job security in the future and will most likely get a modest raise in salary.

Attribution to http://www.rasmussen.edu/ with this graphic.

What Every Future Nurse Needs To Know

What do you think about the future of nursing? Do you expect more preventative and outpatient care? Let me know your thoughts below, or on twitter!

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