Top 10 Reasons You Should Be Dating a Nurse [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why Nurses Make the Best Dates

Oh you’re sick? I specialize in taking care of sick people. Oh, you want to go to a concert on a Thursday? I can probably cater my work schedule to fit that. Oh, you want to move to another city? It shouldn’t be too hard for me to find a job.

Nurses are a special breed of people. It takes intelligence, kindness, and maybe a little bit of craziness to be a nurse. (But who says being a little crazy isn’t fun?!) There are numerous reasons that nurses (of both genders) make fantastic significant others. Nothing grosses us out. We often have very flexible schedules. We long to take care of you. Here are the top 10 reasons to date a nurse.

Source: Top Nursing Programs

Do you agree with this list? Let us know some more reasons to date a nurse!

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